BDSM Pledge - A commitment to principals that encourage healthy, safe & fun BDSM play.

I understand that nothing is safe as not playing.
In order to keep BDSM play healthy, safe, and fun I pledge to:
For the Top
For the Bottom
Mutually Define Limits Needs & Desires

Treat safe words as sacred

Take the responsibility that comes with
accepting power
Respect Limits Keep limits firm

Treat safe words as sacred

Take responsibility for the power I give
to others

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While no one person/group/community has the one-true-way to create or maintain a positive and healthy standard, we believe the ideas in this pledge are a living and evolving meme which can help us to engage in safe, sane and consensual BDSM.

If you’d like to participate in the conversation we welcome your feedback

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Desire does not rule good sense
Gentle or rough BDSM play does not injure either partner mentally, emotionally or physically.
To stay in control during BDSM play
To play within the knowledge base you possesss
Both partners are of sound mind and body when agreeing to perform acts of BDSM.
To ensure that a positive response is consensual and sane a negative response must be equally acceptable.
The act of communication delineating the BDSM acts purposed in the power exchange.
This is best done for new partners in a written form and/or checklist.
This type of communication is done as equals without pressure, persuasion or prevarication.
Personal Limits  
Hard Limits
The physical, emotional and mental things or spaces that cannot be touched or manipulated.
   i.e. no caning, no degradation, no rope use, play must be in a group setting, no cameras.
These restrictions are non-negotiable but are not to be confused with “soft limits”.
Soft limits
The physical, emotional and mental things or spaces that may be touched or manipulated if enough trust is established over time. These are limits that may be explored or “pushed” with negotiation. Physical, emotional or mental “sensations” you may wish to experience that are not always easy for you.
   i.e. I don’t like caning because it is an unpleasant sensation I cannot process, but I will experience    it with you.
   i.e. I feel intimidated in very restrictive bondage, but if I experience rope slowly and with less    restrictive feeling I could experience it with you.
Needs and Desires
The why, how, and how much of BDSM.
The Why: the rush, the sensations, the erotic pleasure, the knowledge that you can.
The How: The pain, the pleasure, the restriction, the control, the fear, the love.
The How Much: The amount of physical sensations (rough or gentle) and /or mental exertion (releasing or restricting).

The knowledge that BDSM is not limited to rough physical sensations and degradations creates an intellectual
and emotional freedom to explore hedonism and your sexuality with both physical sensations and mental exertion. For example, the simple act of relinquishing personal authority to use the word “yes” but to replace it with, “If it pleases you.
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